Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FARGO (1996)

"You're darn tootin'!"

How could anybody not like FARGO? This movie is awesome in it's quiet, unique little way. William H. Macy is in trouble. He works as a car salesman at a car dealership owned by his father-in-law and he's in some severe financial problems, so he, before the film, concocts this destination failure plan of hiring two criminals to kidnap his wife and using the ransom to pay off his debt. As the film opens, he promises the kidnappers $40,000, but in reality he's going to demand a million! Ballsy motherfucker. After the kidnapping, things gets out of control and local small town police chief (and seven months pregnant) Frances McDormand is called in to investigate. She's a little awkward and she doesn't appear to be in much of a hurry, but her brain is steady ticking and each step brings her closer to solving the crime.

It's probably best I don't give anymore away, but I love the pace of this movie. It might be considered slow, by some people, but I thought it was perfect. It's almost like reading a really good criminal thriller short story. Even better than the pacing and the script is the acting. It's phenomenal. Everybody involved all the way down to the bit part was great. Frances McDormand won Best Actress for her performance.
I'm sure it was planned, but I love Frances' expression when she stepped in that hole in the snow.