Friday, August 16, 2013

COMA (1978)

Tense medical thriller about a doctor (Genevieve Bujold) who starts to notice strange things going on at her hospital.  It seems that an unusual number of healthy people are going into a coma after seemingly normal procedures.  Any efforts to investigate or take the matter up with the hospital management are met with resistance.  She then starts investigating on her own.

COMA is a very well-made film.  It looks great and the acting by the impressive cast is top-notch, the only thing that threw me off was why didn't Genevieve's character ever call the cops or even a local news station or newspaper?  COMA fits in well with other paranoia films of the time (THE STEPFORD WIVES, ROSEMARY'S BABY) but unlike those films  - where the main victim was pretty much helpless or unaware - the victim here has many, many chances to contact outside help.  Other than that aspect I liked the film and found the story idea to be really creepy.  Worth watching.
Camera crew in reflection.