Friday, August 16, 2013


Rough around the edges, low-budget slasher set on a college campus about a serial killer that's stalking coeds during a lame radio station sponsored scavenger hunt...while wearing a bear costume.  That might sound silly, but it's not too bad.  Better than that shitty poster above would lead you to believe. The kills come at a brisk enough pace, there's a bunch of different characters and their behavior is so wacky that it's hard not to be entertained.  Sadly though there's zero nudity or overly gruesome kills.  Most of the violence is suggested or done completely off screen.

Another bizarre touch (besides the bear suit) is the addition of Hal Holbrook who has pretty much zero interaction with the cast.  From what I've read, all of his scenes were shot in one day and then just edited into the movie!  Example: in the campus cafeteria some students are informed by the waitress that Hal paid for their food.  They look up and say thanks.  Cut to to a shot of Hal nodding his head.  Hahaha.

Your average movie watcher would probably hate GIRLS NITE OUT (it currently sits at 3.5/10 on IMBb), but i thought it had a certain charm to it and I wouldn't be against watching it again.  One unique thing I did notice was this film didn't have a Final Girl.  You don't see that very often.
Hey, it's that hot chick from THE BURNING.