Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Some of you longtime readers might remember how much I despised the original LAID TO REST, well I haven't changed my mind and I had zero intention of ever watching this sure-to-be disaster but then something happened that changed my mind: I saw Danielle Harris' name on the DVD cover.

Starting immediately where Part 1 ends, a different actress with less impressive tits leaves the scene of the Chromeskull showdown. Once she leaves, a crack team of medical doctors rushes in, scoops up Chromeskull and take him back to their secret lair. While they're nursing him back to health, the head dude of this mysterious outfit tracks down and guts the Final Girl. Once Chromeskull is better and hears about this he gets all butthurt and breaks a mirror. Soon though he's got his sights on another Final Girl. He kills her friend and brings her back to the lair where he spends the rest of the movie chasing her around the generic, rundown warehouse. Yawn.

Despite the headache-inducing story and the obviously low budget Part 2 actually is better than the original, but that's not saying much. The way a dog hunches his back when he shits is better than Part 1. If I could only change one thing about this movie, besides erasing it from existence, it would be to get a different main girl. This chick had zero personality and was completely forgettable. Why wouldn't you just put Danielle Harris in that role? Money, I guess.

Moderate gore, some blood, very quick female nudity, Danielle Harris completely wasted, low budget, needlessly confusing story, crappy looking sets, text messages, dumb ending and worst of all Chromeskull still looks dumb as hell. Skip the fuck out of this turkey.