Saturday, August 11, 2012


I love the first two AMERICAN PIE films, but after the disappointing Part 3 and the four spin-offs (that I've never even seen) I was both worried and excited when they announced this fourth film. But I'm glad to announce that my worrying was for nothing because AMERICAN REUNION is awesome! After the first film I think it might be the funniest of the series.

I don't want to give too much away, since it's so much fun catching up with the characters, but the East Great Falls High School Class of 1999 reunion is coming up so the gang decides to get together a few days early to do some hanging out and partying. That's all I'm going to tell you because I thought this film was a blast. It would have been so easy, now that the characters are adults, to let a bunch of depressing shit into the story, but they did an great job of weeding that junk out and leaving us with the kind of heartfelt raunchy sex friendship topless romance bromance stuff that made us fall in love with the AMERICAN PIE gang to begin with.

My only complaint is Nadia didn't have a big enough role. Also nobody yelled "Suck me, beautiful!" Other than that I love the movie and I can't wait until the next installment! I'm so jonesed up for more AMERICAN PIE I might even go watch those spin-offs. Satan help me.

Part 1 - American Pie
Part 2 - American Pie 2
Part 3 - American Wedding

I always thought Mena Suvari was the prettiest girl in the AMERICAN PIE gang...I still think so.