Monday, May 17, 2010


If you're standing on top of a skyscraper looking up at a tidal wave, you're fucked.

The citizens of Haeundae are living their normal lives: working, sunbathing, eating, shopping, getting drunk at baseball games, hooking up with hot chicks. But little do they know a mega-tsunami could happen at any moment! Earthquake expert, Dr. Kim, keeps warning the government about the risk of a mega-tsunami, but nobody listens until it's too late. When will they ever learn?!!!

It's over an hour into the film before the disaster strikes. The special effects are a little cheesy and the sad scenes are so predictable that you'll end up laughing instead of crying, but I still enjoyed it. Mainly because it was so over the top. Sadly though the disaster stuff only lasts for probably 30 minutes. The rest of the time is wasted on boring, unlikable characters that I really didn't care if they lived or died. I was especially disappointed in Kyung-gu Sol's character. I just recently discovered him in PUBLIC ENEMY and was excited to see what he would do in a more mainstream film, but I got excited for nothing cause he sucked.

My favorite scene was when the giant cargo ship exploded and shot out a bunch of cargo containers into the sides of buildings like they were cannonballs!

Good for a rent and more enjoyable than 2012, but just barely.
The general from HEAVEN'S SOLDIERS.