Friday, August 3, 2012

ANTS! (1977)

Old 70's TV movie about a hotel (run by Myrna Loy) that has a few million unexpected guests. Ants! Even worse is they're super poisonous ants! Yikes. Along for the ride are some health officials, a construction crew, a lifeguard, a hippie chick, Loy's adult daughter (who's bangin' the construction foreman), Brian Dennehy, various hotel guests and a evil land developer and his girlfriend (Suzanne Somers looking pretty rough).

I like this movie. It's nothing fancy. What you expect is exactly what you get
: a bunch of people running around doing silly things as the ants slowly, slowly converge on the hotel. I especially liked the helicopter scene and the two-faced real estate guy.

If, like me, you're a huge fan of cheesy 70's made-for-TV movies and killer insect movies and Myrna Loy then you'll be in Heaven. Others will probably hate it. Would make a great double feature with the same year's giant ant epic EMPIRE OF THE ANTS.