Thursday, September 5, 2013


Made by Poverty Row studio Monogram Pictures and directed by one of the most prolific directors of all time (William Beaudine), BLACK MARKET BABIES tells the story of a small time gangster who teams up with a crooked lawyer and a somewhat unwilling alcoholic doctor to start a small private clinic that caters to poor expecting mothers free of charge.  Free because a number of the girls give their babies up for adoption and the clinic is more than willing to quickly find the baby a good home...that is if the new parents "donate" enough.  As unethical as that is, it actually skirts the law just enough to be legal.  The big trouble comes though when an especially important baby that's been pre-ordered is stillborn.

Despite the low budget all of the actors turn in performances fitting for the serious subject matter.  I was especially impressed by Ralph Morgan as the sad, drunken doctor and Kane Richmond as the scumbag brains behind the operation.  This dude was a total butthole.  He was positively giddy at conning chicks out of their babies and selling them to the highest bidder no questions asked!

BMB is not for everybody, but for a Poverty Row quickie I found it to be an enjoyable watch and mildly shocking when you think about the subject matter.  Of course, nothing sinister is shown or even implied, but when you think about how quickly this dude was selling babies it's just horrible to think about what could have happened.  Recommended.