Monday, December 28, 2009


NEVER A DULL MOMENT does not live up to it's title. By 1950 audiences had already seen most of these city-slickers-on-the-country jokes in superior films like THE EGG AND I, GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE and MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE so it really boggles the mind why two excellent actors like Fred MacMurray and Irene Dunne would even sign up for an unoriginal clunker like this, but they did and it shows right from the start that they were just here for the money.

Irene Dunne is a popular songwriter/singer who lives in NYC and one day at a charity auction she meets rodeo rider Fred MacMurray and BAM! a few weeks later they're married and living on his rundown farm with all his annoying country neighbors barging in the house 24/7 and raising Hell. I guess these jokes are suppose to be funny, but I just found depressing to watch Irene Dunne sad and dishearten because she's surrounded by a bunch of dimwitted assholes.

I didn't even smile once. Skip it.