Sunday, February 7, 2010

KEN PARK (2002)

[Update 10/09/17: This review is shit. I'll redo it when I find the time.]

Following in the footsteps of the excellent KIDS and his masterpiece BULLY, KEN PARK is more stories of fucked up teenage life as told by Larry Clark. I liked the movie a lot, but I really disliked the fact that there was nothing really connecting the stories and carrying it all along. In BULLY you had the common thread of everybody wanting to kill Bobby and why, but here it's just a bunch of random stories. They're all compelling and I was riveted to the fucking screen, but I never felt any emotional connection to anyone. It almost felt like scenes from an unfinished movie.

For those keeping score: You have Ken who got his girlfriend pregnant and kills himself at a skate park...that's not a spoiler since it's the opening scene.

Tate who's a huge fucking asshole and isn't nice to his beautiful three legged dog. He's also an asshole to his grandparents and likes to choke himself while handlin it to women's tennis.

Peaches who is pretty and has a fucking religious lunatic for a father.

Shawn who's the personal oral sex toy for his girlfriend's mother. She's married to the tall Nazi guard from "Oz".

And finally Claude who's dad is a unemployed drunk fucking asshole who doesn't care for the fact that his son seems to do absolutely nothing but skateboard and get smoked out. The dad also has a drunken desire to suck his kid's dick.

It's all pretty much your standard Larry Clark subject matter, but that's not a complaint since I love Larry Clark. I just wish it all had an actual story. Definitely worth watching unless you're upset by a shitload of male nudity.