Thursday, March 11, 2010


If that VHS cover doesn't scream quality then I don't know what does! Three teenage couples are at a circus when they get into a fight with some carnies. The teenagers run off and suddenly they're out floating around in a small sailboat. The boat hits a rock so they swim ashore on a nearby island...a haunted island!!! What?! I thought this was going to be a slasher movie? Well shit. The teenagers spend the rest of the movie wandering around the small island exploring the local hotel and fishing village, one by one getting killed or possessed and freaking out.

Zero nudity, zero hot chicks, zero gore, zero scares. This movie doesn't have much going for it except it does have it's own unique style that made it somewhat likable. If you saw this as a kid back in the 80's I would imagine that it might have freaked you out with the scary visuals (stair banister becoming a living snake creature - one year before BEETLEJUICE!; elevator walls coming alive; seaweed monster jumping out of table; possessed chick twisting guy's head around twice!!!), but I cannot believe that any adult watching this for the first time nowadays would even be able to watch this all the way through without getting sleepy. The plot is interesting and the filmmakers did a good job with the low budget and obviously put a lot of effort into it, but it's still too low budget (and long!) to enjoy. Would have made a better short film in a horror anthology.

Worth a rent, but I can't say it's worth buying or even going out of your way to watch.