Monday, November 15, 2010


Jack Lemmon (in one of his best performances and that's saying something!) has an apartment that he allows his superiors at work to use as a fuck shack, remember this still is in the day of hotel detectives. He hopes all of this trouble will get him a promotion. It does, but it also plays hell with his personal life, especially when he finds out that his slimy boss has been droppin' loads all over the girl he has a crush on in his own bed!  What a horrible life. Lemmon has practically sold his soul to Greed, but despite all this he's still secretly in love with the girl.  Jesus Christ!

The script by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond is brilliant and the performances by everybody, especially Lemmon and MacMurray, are outstanding, but yet I don't think this film should have beaten out PSYCHO for the Best Picture Academy Award, not that PSYCHO was even nominated! THE APARTMENT is an excellent film and even after numerous watches I still love it, but PSYCHO is just legendary.

Touching performance by Lemmon, strong script with some excellent dialogue, beautiful b&w photography, Fred MacMurray in a darker role and notable for it's openness about suicide and adultery.  Highly recommended.