Monday, November 8, 2010


In rural Japan there's a teenage boy lives with his jealous mother. There's a woman with nice nipples held prisoner(?) in a shed out back. One day the girl seduces and rapes(?) the boy. The mother gets angry, ties the boy to a tree and paints Japanese characters all over him. There's something else going on about a teenager girl who drowns herself in the ocean and a round stone that if a sterile woman touches it she immediately gets pregnant. There's also some dudes painted white and a surprising amount of tastefully shot female nudity. None of it made a fucking lick of sense to me, but I still kinda liked it in an experimental kind of way. Thankfully it was only 40 minutes though, much longer and I would have fallen asleep.

If you like avant-garde and experimental as fuck movies then you'll like this. Most other people would probably be better off best steering as clear as possible.
I thought the DVD said GRASS LABYRINTH?