Sunday, November 14, 2010


What a massive disappointment this movie was! Based on the cover I mistakenly thought that this was a slasher movie set in a strip club filled with smoking hot strippers stripping. I was wrong. It's actually a mediocre police mystery/drama about a murdered woman who happened to be a stripper. In order to find the killer the cops put a female detective undercover as a stripper in the same rundown shithole filled with fugly skanks that the victim danced in.

The two leads do a good job with the barebones script, but that's not enough to keep me entertained. There's barely any action, zero gore and worst of all the strippers were all unattractive with funky 80's bodies, I haven't seen such a pathetic batch of strippers since HATCHETMAN and, I hate to fucking say this, but that piece of fuck HATCHETMAN was actually a better movie!!! At least it was fun to laugh at. The only giggles I got out of STRIPPED TO KILL were the strippers and their ridiculous dance moves and even shittier music. I guess strip clubs in the 80's sucked.

Overall I'd say it was about 40% stripping and 60% story. Either way I say skip it.
Stripper dressed as an Native American while swinging nunchucks.

Cameraman shadow on police car.