Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Way better than I expected straight-forward story about a truck driver who wrecks into the fence of a zoo and a bunch of animals get out and start wandering around town. You got tigers, lions, rhinos, ostriches, panthers, bears, elephants and camels. There was some mention on a giraffe, but I don't remember seeing it.

Done in the standard 70's made-for-TV style you have a kind zookeeper who has to head up and capture the animals alive before a couple of drunk hunters and the trigger happy cops get 'em. It was entertaining enough to keep me happy, but it'll be awhile before I watch it again. I bet kids back in 1978 loved this movie though, since it's almost nonstop animal action. And that lion cub was so cute! I honestly think I said "Awwww!" every time he was on the screen...his paws were so big!

If you can find a copy I recommend it, even though I was very disappointed in the lack of monkeys and orangutans. WTF? A rampaging spider monkey running around throwing his poo at people is entertainment gold...just ask Robert McCammon. =P
tiger vs. man

lion vs. dog

lion vs. horse

tiger vs. bear

bear vs. paddle boat.

Oh shit! It's the dad from CRITTERS!!!