Wednesday, February 9, 2011


[Update 08/02/2017: This review sucks a fuck.  I'll redo it when I get a chance.]

Fascinating, creepy and depressing documentary about four old icky-looking brothers.  They all live together in the same disgusting, trash covered shack on the world's shittiest looking farm. The reason for the documentary is one of the brothers, William, was sick and died in his sleep(?), but the police think differently and have charged another brother, Delbert, with his murder even though there is pretty much zero evidence and he has an IQ of 63.  They also had him sign a written statement even though he's illiterate and therefore had no idea what he was signing.

In the wrong hands this story would be boring, but filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky do an excellent job of capturing the mood of the town's people, the prosecutor's side of the story and desolate lifestyle that the brother's live on their shitty farm. If you like documentaries then you need to watch this film and also pretty much everything else Berlinger and Sinofsky have done, especially the PARADISE LOST films.

I've heard of people complain about the pig slaughter part and how it shouldn't be in the film, but I thought it actually fit the film in showing that living on a farm is some rough bullshit that a normal person couldn't even imagine.

Make sure to watch the extras on the DVD. A lot of good stuff on there!
Most horror directors would kill for a shot like that.