Tuesday, February 1, 2011

RAW DEAL (1986)

Between making COMMANDO and PREDATOR Arnold starred in RAW DEAL. It's not as good as either of those two films but it's still an enjoyable 106 minutes filled with lots of action, punching, cross-dressing and cake throwing.

Arnold was kicked out of the FBI for beating up a suspect, so for the last few years he's been a small town sheriff. But now he's getting a second chance. All he has to do is infiltrate a mafia gang and take them down from the inside. Sounds easy enough.

RAW DEAL is a good movie thanks to the fast pace and Arnold's screen presence, but I think the reason this film has kinda fallen in the cracks is the direction is lackluster and the script is too confusing. Honestly, after awhile I didn't even care what was happening...I just wanted the next action scene and I was in luck because this movie is pretty much all action scenes.  Just not very memorable action scenes. I would've loved to see what Mark (COMMANDO, CLASS OF 1999) Lester could have done with this script.

Worth a rent for sure, but I can't see myself wanting to watch it again for a few years unlike COMMANDO which I've seen dozens and dozens of times..."Let off some steam, Bennett."
Window breaks before guy hits it.