Monday, March 7, 2011


Set in L.A., Anthony Edwards is suppose to pick up his girlfriend after she gets off work at the diner at midnight. The power goes out, so he oversleeps and by the time he gets to the diner she's long gone. He calls her from a payphone and leaves a message. The phone rings and he answers it, except it's not his gf, but instead some dude who's raving like a maniac and screaming in code about nuclear war. Anthony is really disturbed by the phone call and goes back inside the diner. As fate would have it, a government worker is inside and when she hears about the phone call she freaks out and starts making frantic phone calls on her gigantic mobile phone. Is it just a prank call or is it real? Either way, it sets off a snowballing chain of events that's fairly exciting.

The story idea is fantastic, but unfortunately the budget looked to be pretty low, the 1980's special effects are extremely dated, the casting was weak, there's hardly any violence and the tension was zero.  Interesting movie that's still worth watching if you've into nuclear war stories.  I think with a bigger budget, the right director and a much darker script MIRACLE MILE could be remade into a blockbuster thriller especially if you made the two leads teenagers.