Wednesday, March 30, 2011


George-Michael Bluth is dating an extremely hot girl who's 17, he's 22. For some unknown reason his cockblocking hipster friends constantly badger the living shit out of him over this. Then one night at a party he sees a really cute girl (his age) with pink hair. He dumps the younger girl, hooks up with this new girl and now must "battle" her seven "evil" ex's.  He does, he wins and he gets the girl. The End.

I liked this movie for what it was (at least it tried to be somewhat original), but I was still disappointed. I'm not sure what I expected, but I was really wanting to be blown away and taken for a wild ride. Instead it's just a bunch of hipsters sitting around talking like they're way down on Quaaludes and in general doing absolutely nothing. Finally we get to the fight scenes and they're just ehhhh. I never got any since of danger from them. All kinds of violent shit would happen to George-Michael, but none of it ever hurt him. He'd get slammed through a wall or bashed in the face repeatedly and he's still be standing there with those mentally-retarded puppy dog eyes and adorable stroke victim mumble-stutter talk that he always does.

What would have been cool is if, instead of being just one step above "The Power Rangers", SPVTW would have gone for an dark R-rating and thrown in some gritty, blood soaked violence. But I guess that's not what the filmmakers were looking for. Oh well.

Mildly interesting watch, but with absolutely zero tension I felt disconnected from the entire thing. Worth a rent if you're interested and that's about it. Oh yea, the music was terrible. Some generic sounding brand of hipster shit-rock that wouldn't even piss off these assholes.
The "I will end you" line is really getting old.

Hipster overload.

Why? She's nice and really hot.