Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SEX IS ZERO (2002)

I rented this thinking it was going to be some kind of Korean version of AMERICAN PIE and it kinda starts off that way with the raunchy humor and sexy girls, but before long it gets all serious with an abortion, a chick bleeding out her pussy, a mother beating her daughter and telling her she wishes she would die...overall this movie ended up being the biggest teen comedy downer since THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN.

The story is about this college dork who's in love with an attractive female student. She likes him, but instead she starts boning the rich preppie stud. Naturally he screws her over and won't even go with her to get an abortion. Instead the nerd dude goes and she then sees what a nice guy he actually is. How original. Other side stories are about make a grilled jizz and rat poison sandwich, a dance contest, getting locked out of a dorm room in your underwear, getting stuck on the window ledge in your underwear, jacking off to porn, etc. None of it is funny and a lot of it is kinda disturbing like the two peeping toms jacking off together repeatedly, the guy jacking off in front of his friend, three guys sitting very close together while watching porn and so on.

I was really hoping for this movie to be funny, but it wasn't. With the depressing story and hardly any nudity I would have been better off just watching AMERICAN PIE again. And what does the name SEX IS ZERO even mean? Skip it.

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