Friday, April 1, 2011


A genetics scientist guy creates a cloning machine called The Replicator. Kate (Ali Landry) is a journalist doing a story on The Replicator. She gets bit by a mouse and accidentally spills some blood in the cloning machine. Next thing you know there's a "Repli-Kate" running around looking just as hot as the original. Mistaken identity hijinks ensue.

For a low-budget, straight-to-video comedy the story is actually semi-well written and there's a few laughs...not a lot, just a few. The thing that kinda pissed me off is the fact that there is zero nudity in the movie. Based on the DVD cover and the story I was expecting Ali to at least get topless, but no. She doesn't get topless. Nobody gets fucking topless. It's bullshit! A 13 year-old boy couldn't even stroke it to this movie and when I was 13 I could stroke it to anything! Bra ad? Stroke! One second topless scene in HELLRAISER 3? Stroke! Cleavage in an infomercial? Stroke! REPLI-KATE? Nothing.

Lack of sexy nudity aside, I enjoyed the movie. Will I ever watch it again? Probably not.  Ali Landry did surprise me though with her duel performance. When she was the clone (trained by the guys to be tomboyish) I didn't find her attractive, but then when she played the nerdy reporter I found her to be beautiful. Very strange.