Sunday, October 14, 2012


A group of annoying douchers get trapped in a Florida nightclub after it closes (way too much time is wasted on explaining how this happens and it makes no sense at all).  Anyway, this one chick eats some bad fish then next thing you know she's barfing in the restroom and a tentacle pops out of her neck.  While this is happening, the remaining cast members are just sitting around in the dark club talking and talking and talking.  It's Hell.  The bad acting in this film makes me appreciate the bad acting in other films.  I mean this shit is painful!  Horrible delivery, stammering, bad timing, but it doesn't even matter because the shit they're saying is so badly written it wouldn't matter if you had Jack Lemmon delivering these lines it would still be garbage.

Some of the worst lighting of all time, lame kill scenes, torturous pacing, stupid explanations, acting that doesn't even qualify as acting.  The only thing PARASITIC delivers is suffering.  Skip it and never look back