Saturday, October 13, 2012


A widowed father of two, that from what they say is dirt poor, but yet can somehow afford a live-in maid (who doesn't cook or clean) inherits a large mansion from his estranged uncle.  Without telling anybody the family (and the worthless maid) head out to the secluded mansion.  Once at this glass palace with Latin text written all over the glass walls and even the floor, the father starts to figure out that things are not quite what they appear to be.  The biggest clue would be the 12 ghosts locked up in the basement in specially made ghost traps.  The story only gets sillier from there as it's revealed the house is not actually a house but a large machine made especially to open a doorway to Hell...oh, that ol' storyline again!

THIRTEEN GHOSTS is not horrible.  It's not good either.  Honestly, it's not really anything!  If you watch it, you watch it, but if you don't then you're not missing anything.  The two main reasons anybody would watch it are: it's horror and it has Shannon Elizabeth in it.  But you'll end up disappointed cause the horror consists of a bunch of morons running from lame looking ghosts with music video editing and Shannon Elizabeth never even got close to naked!  Hell she wore a jacket nearly the entire movie!

Skip it.  Oh yeah, here's some screenshots of that naked ghost for you weirdos out there.