Saturday, May 18, 2013


Scientist Kevin Bacon, while on a strict diet of Twinkies, develops a serum that can make you invisible.  After some animal testing, he decides to try it out on himself and guess what?  It works!  Unfortunately they can't figure out a way to make him visible again.  During this time Bacon descends into madness and eventually starts killing people.

Coming from the director of STARSHIP TROOPERS and ROBOCOP I was hoping that Verhoeven would have a fresh and unique vision of the invisibility story, but no, HOLLOW MAN is just you're standard stuff and by the end it's pretty much a weak slasher film with Bacon stalking people around the science lab.

Impressive special effects (for the time), Elisabeth Shue with short hair, Twinkies, Bacon listening to horrible music, that one chick from "Nip/Tuck" topless, messy science, silly story that gets sillier as it goes along, average pace.  Worth a watch if you're really bored, but overall it's pretty forgettable.