Friday, September 6, 2013

976-EVIL (1988)

Twenty-four year old high school student Hoax is an introverted nerd who lives with his overbearing mother and his bad boy cousin Spike.  Hoax and Spike get along but Hoax is jealous of Spike's ability to defend himself and bang chicks.  Both cousins get involved with calling the "horrorscope" phone number 976-EVIL.  Spike quickly grows tired of it, but Hoax is hooked.  Soon he becomes possessed by a demon and goes on a killing spree.

I had vague memories of watching 976-EVIL back in the day and watching it just now I fully understand why I couldn't remember much about's a boring ass movie!  The build up to the demon possession takes forever and when it finally does happen it's nothing special.  Just Hoax running around looking like a dried out lizard with pointy fingernails slashing people.

Very little blood, split second topless scene that wasn't even worth taking a screencap of, tons of awesome horror posters, interesting graffiti, dingy looking sets, 80's clothes, slow pace, unsatisfying ending.  976-EVIL is just cheesy enough to be mildly interesting, but slow enough to be boring as fuck!  Skip it.

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