Friday, September 13, 2013


Michael Douglas is a lawyer in NYC who doesn't like home security systems.  He loves his wife and little daughter (Ruby Sue from CHRISTMAS VACATION!), but one weekend when his family goes out of town he lets his balls get the better of him and he hooks up with a Dee Snider impersonator.  If that wasn't already bad enough it turns out that she's also completely insane.  Whoops.  Things quickly turn from bad to holy fucking shit bad when this psycho decides show him the true meaning of "not gonna take it".

I've never seen FA before and I was kinda shocked at how shocking his film was.  I can only imagine that back in 1987 it had people tripping out!  Things start out innocently enough and I thought Douglas was an idiot for hooking up with Close.  I would have felt a little more sympathy for him if he'd been drunk or something, but whatever, he does what he does thinking that both parties involved are responsible adults....but ohhhhh no this chick starts stalking him the very next morning!

Lackluster nudity, 80's fashions, strong direction, cute dog, cute rabbit, NYC street scenes, good pace, I really enjoyed FATAL ATTRACTION.  The story is pretty much timeless.  Even nearly 30 years later this shit still happens everyday.  Recommended.