Monday, September 16, 2013

THE EDGE (1997)

Anthony Hopkins is a billionaire who surrounds himself with a bunch of cackling, selfish assholes.  While on a vacation with these tools to the frozen depths of Alaska he and Alec Baldwin end up in a plane crash and stranded a million miles from nowhere with no food and nothing but the clothes on their backs.  Oh yeah, there's also a huge man eating bear stalking them!  So now it's not just man vs. the elements and man vs. animals, but also man vs. man because some bad blood between these two comes bubbling to the surface.

THE EDGE isn't any kind of life changing film, but as far as late night flipping the channels and it comes on, it's a blast!  Nice pace, dated effects, awesome bear, good story, violence, beautiful scenery, good acting, solid direction.  I've seen it a few times now and always enjoy it.  Recommended.