Thursday, November 7, 2013


Adam Sandler is a wedding singer and as far as wedding singers go he's pretty good at it.  A romantic at heart he's always dreamed of getting married himself.  Unfortunately his girlfriend stands him up at the alter.  Almost too heartbroken to go on, he's coaxed out of his gloom to help the new waitress (Drew Barrymore) at his job plan her wedding.  As the days pass he realizes that this girl is actually the girl of his dreams, not his ex-fiancee!  Also her soon to be husband is a total douchelord.

Now that might sound like the story of a thousand different romantic comedies (and it is), it's all THE WEDDING SINGER needs.  The main attractions are the delightful chemistry between Barrymore and Sandler, Steve Buscemi's hair, the awesome 80's soundtrack and the hilarious comedy.  Even after probably 30+ viewings I still enjoy every scene and can pretty much quote the entire thing.  "They were cones!"

THE WEDDING SINGER is a truly fun movie and easily my most watched Adam Sandler film.  Highly recommended.  I am curious though as to why with so many 80's references and Drew Barrymore being the main star didn't they somehow work in an E.T. joke/reference?