Wednesday, March 18, 2015


A teenage dude wakes up in a darkened freight elevator that's going up.  He has no memory of his past or where he is.  He can't even remember his name.  Finally the elevator stops and he finds himself is a large field.  The field is surrounded by massive stone walls hundreds of feet high.  But he's not alone, there are other teenage boys.  Some of them have been there for years and they have developed a small society in order to prevent chaos.  As the boy is given a tour he learns that the walls a part of a giant maze.  A giant maze that they are inside of and that changes each night.  The main door to the maze opens each morning and closes each night.  Then at night creatures called the Grievers are released and you don't want to be inside when that happens.

Going into THE MAZE RUNNER I knew absolutely nothing about the story and I ended up liking it quite a bit.  So much so that I started reading the book and even though I'm only halfway through it I like it much more than the movie.  That said, the film is still an entertaining ride and hopefully the start of an awesome series.  Likable main characters, the maze itself was cool, the Grievers were awesome, good pace, nice special effects, interesting story that leaves you longing for more.  All in all THE MAZE RUNNER is a solid movie.  Recommended.