Tuesday, October 27, 2015


GREEN FOR DANGER is a delightful and subtlety quirky, but still serious whodunit set in a British country hospital during World War II. The war backdrop is especially interesting because throughout the movie V1 flying bombs cruise overhead. You could hear the V1's rocket and right before they hit the rocket would cut off and put it into a steep dive. So that meant when you heard the silence kick in you better get to cover quick! I thought that was a really inventive way to create tension.

The film starts off like a soap opera, with the different romantic dramas of the various nurses and doctors, but then a patient dies as he's being prepped for surgery. The only people present were the six main characters (two doctors and four nurses). An investigation is called for and rumors swirl that it was murder. That night at a party a nurse outright says that it was murder in front of everybody and a few minutes later she's stabbed to death! Scotland Yard sends in Inspector Cockrill to solve the case. He's a droll, quirky older gentleman who thinks he's way smarter than he actually is (he even accidentally causes another death during the course of his investigation!) and who's main means of investigation is keeping all of the suspects extremely agitated.

Not the greatest mystery, but an enjoyable time waster with good performances and a satisfying ending.