Sunday, December 27, 2015


THE SATAN BUG?!! That's a awesome title.  Too bad the rest of the movie wasn't as attention grabbing as that name.

When a top secret biological warfare laboratory in Southern California is burgled of some deadly bioweapons, the people in charge are understandably worried.  Especially when it's revealed that one of the weapons, The Satan Bug, is capable of wiping out every living creature on Earth.  Yikes!  George Maharis is called in to head up the search for the missing vials.  That sounds exciting, but in reality it's pretty tame.  The majority of the events happens in the lab or the surrounding desert and involve a lot of talking and very few moments of actual jumping around doing physical stuff.

Medium pace, average acting by an interesting cast, lots of talking, not a lot of urgency expressed by the people searching for the most dangerous weapon on Earth(!), lame ending, zero tension.  Overall, the premise for the film is great but the execution comes off more like a long episode of a 60's TV show than a full-fledged movie.  Skip it.