Sunday, September 18, 2016


Set during the American Revolutionary War, THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE tells the story of a quiet preacher (Burt Lancaster) who, despite the war getting closer and closer to his small town, lives a chill life with his annoying wife (Janette Scott).  On the opposite side of the coin you have Kirk Douglas who is the local bad boy...although we never actually never see him being naughty.  Anyway, once the British (lead by Gen. Laurence Olivier) show up, things get a little more exciting...but not by much.

Being a huge fan of the three leads, I really wanted to enjoy THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE, but sadly, since the four main characters were all so badly constructed, I straight up didn't give a shit about any of them.  Even worse is Lancaster's wife screeches and wails nearly the entire movie.  It was Hell.  At one point Lancaster tells her to "Stop howling, woman!", but it didn't slow her down for a second.

Poorly written script, great actors with nothing to work with, zero tension, one really goofy fight scene, Lancaster standing still during an explosion, slow pace.  Not a bad film, but other than wanting to see Douglas, Lancaster and Olivier in action together there's little reason to watch it.