Sunday, August 16, 2009

THE BLOB (1958)

Nobody ever said my quest to review every Criterion release was going to be fun, if they did then they're a smelly doodypants liar! I fully expected to be bored by some of the more pretentious arthouse films that are too advanced for my little brain, what I didn't expect though was how boring the original version of THE BLOB was! I love old 50's/60's creature features, but other than a great story idea there's nothing going on here.

We all know the story of The Blob: some 30-year-old teenagers in a small town see an meteor falling nearby so they go to investigate.  Once there they find an old dude with some shit on his hand. They take him to the local doctor where the goop on his hand grows and starts consuming anything with a pulse. It grows and grows until it's threatening the entire town.

Growing up I'd seen the awesome 1988 remake many, many times and was very interested to see what the original was like.  Unfortunately, there are a number of long stretches with nothing more than the teenagers arguing with their parents and the cops. Yawn! Then when the action finally shows up at the very end it's laughable.  You can even see fingerprints on the blob!