Sunday, August 30, 2009


GHOST IN THE TEENY BIKINI is about as erotic as snapping a mousetrap down on your ping-ding. When I saw that name GHOST IN A TEENY BIKINI I couldn't help but think all kinds of cool things, but GIATB didn't live up to any of them. It's just another standard softcore skin flick: low production values, horrible "script" filled with lame jokes, home movie quality acting, painful musical numbers (yes, there were three fucking songs! Barf!) and worst of all only one of the five females that get naked, you would actually want to see naked: Christine Nguyen. Mmmm. She is very hot, but unless you're really goddamn desperate to bust a nut then she still it doesn't make this stinker worth watching.

For anybody who's keeping count there were five straight scenes and one lesbian scene. All snoozers and apparently directed by somebody with the sex drive of a wet carrot. Skip this turkey and never look back.