Monday, August 31, 2009


It's hard to pick my favorite Jean Arthur film it'd probably be this or SHANE.  During WW2 Washington, DC had a housing shortage so Jean Arthur feels it's her patriotic duty to rent out the extra bedroom in her apartment. She intended on renting it to a female, but older gentleman Charles Coburn fast talks her and before she knows what's going on he's unpacking. Not knowing that she's engaged, Coburn decides to play Cupid and rents out half of his room to a military guy who's about to be shipped overseas, Joel McCrea. Romantic hijinks ensue...with Arthur not Coburn.

The story is pretty standard stuff, but watching these three together is a delight.  McCrea and Coburn's chemistry together is a lot of fun to watch and Arthur is simply wonderful. If you're a classic movie fan then this is a must watch.  Highly recommended.

I would say buy it, but the DVD is kinda weak and some of the scenes have a lot of scratches. Until it's re-released with a remastered print I'd hold off on buying it.