Thursday, October 8, 2009


Seven years after losing his wife (Irene Dunne) in a sinking ship, a still sad Cary Grant has her legally declared dead and marries a woman who is not right for him, a few hours after the ceremony Dunne returns and tracks down Grant on his honeymoon. Then to make matters even worse he discovers that she was stuck on a tropical island for the entire seven years with hunky Randolph Scott!!!

Not my favorite Grant/Dunne pairing (that would be THE AWFUL TRUTH), but still a great film mainly because of Dunne's enchanting performance. The story is slower paced that other romantic screwballs of the day like THE AWFUL TRUTH, THE LADY EVE or BRINGING UP BABY and the humor at times feels a little forced, but Grant is still hilarious and Dunne completely wipes away any flaws the film has with her smile. She absolutely radiates.

A required viewing for any classic movie fans.