Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The original film was OK, in a PG-rated 80's horror kind of way, but Part 2 is just boring. The nerdy neighbor kid from part 1 is the main character now and he's been studying up on witchcraft. When his father gets fired for being drunk at work, the nerd kid casts a spell that's suppose to grant him a wish. His wish is granted and his dad gets his job back, but during the incantation some demons slipped through.

Low-budget demon hijinks ensue, but it's all pretty tame. I've seen 10 times more violence in a episode of "Tales from the Crypt". The best thing about the original was there was a slumber party and an interesting cast of characters, but in this one it's just this dork kid and this one neighborhood chick who is just there for no reason. Skip it.

Part 1