Thursday, May 21, 2009

THE GATE (1987)

Mediocre late 80’s supernatural horror that would have benefited from some gratuitous violence/gore and nudity. I saw THE GATE when it first came out and for all these years I’ve thought that the kid opened up the gate to Hell by backmasking a heavy metal album. That would have been awesome! But I was wrong because the pit just opens up when a tree falls down. How lame.

Anyway, so this hole opens up in a family's suburban backyard and nobody really thinks that its strange that this large hole just showed up and keeps reappearing every time you fill it in. Random shit happens: a kid cuts himself near the hole; a retarded dickneck buries a dead dog the hole and BAM! Faster than you can say “Hail Satan!” a bunch of ugly little minions start running around tearing up shit. They looked pretty menacing at first, but outside of the clawing up a door and unorganized your closet they’re pretty harmless.  But I don’t think scary was what THE GATE was going for...hum…now that I think of it I have no idea what this movie is trying to do, but still somehow even with the low budget and lack of action THE GATE is an alright movie and a enjoyable time waster. You could definitely do worse. I think the reason this film has such a cult following now is because a lot of people saw it when they were kids.

Director Tibor Takacs went on to direct the smash hits SABRINA GOES TO ROME and MANSQUITO.

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