Monday, January 4, 2010

SURF II (1984)

Everybody has those movies that they just love.  It might not be the greatest movie of all time or even a particularly good movie.  It just strikes a special cord with you or brings back a good memory.  For me that movie is SURF II.  Actually I have a number of movies like that, but SURF II is extra extra special. 

Back in high school super nerd Menlo Schwartzer had a bad run-in with some surfers so now he's out to get his revenge. And what's his evil plan?  Kill them?  Steal their girlfriends?  Financially ruin them?  No, his plan is to create a soda that turns people into super-powered surfing zombie minions that will win the big surfing contest!!! That might sound like a description of a shitty Troma movie, but it's not. SURF II is actually a very innovative, original and funny movie. There's much more going on that my little description, but I don't want to give it all away. Just watch it, preferably in a double feature with JOYSTICKS or in a crowded theater full of drunks.

Wacky story, happiness, surfing zombies, high school, beer, topless beach bunnies, video arcade, eating contest, Corinne Bohrer, fast pace, Eddie Deezen, and an awesome soundtrack featuring The Beach Boys (three songs), Oingo Boingo (two songs), Thomas Dolby, The Circle Jerks, Wall of Voodoo, Stray Cats and a number of surf stuff.  Everything that was great about the 80's is in this movie. Watch this movie and watch it often. Can you relate?