Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CRISIS (1946)

This unspectacular, but watchable directorial debut by Ingmar Bergman has a few glimpses of the greatness to come, but for the most part it's pretty slow and forgettable.

Eighteen year-old Nelly has lived her entire live with Ingeborg. She knows that Ingeborg is not her real mother (her real mother gave her away to this kindly woman when she was just a baby), but she loves her like she was her real mother. One day her mother shows up and talks Nelly into coming to live with her in the city. Nelly goes, but soon discovers that the only reason she was ask to come is to be the prey for her mother's younger lover.

Considering that Bergman was only 28 when he made this film it's mildly impressive, but we're here to be entertained (not given excuses) and in that department CRISIS is lacking. I was never overly bored, but I have zero desire to ever see it again. As an historical artifact it's interesting, but other than that it's very ordinary. Good acting, nice cinematography, clumsy editing and horrendous music.