Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Good news: the Graboids are back. Bad news: they only brought along a budget of $4M (the original 6 years earlier was $11M) and Kevin Bacon is nowhere to be found. =(

A oil company down in Mexico has a Graboid problem so they hire Burt Ward, Michael Gross and their new dingleberry assistant Grady to hunt them down. Thanks to a bunch of heavy firepower things start off promising enough, but then the worms start mutating into some kind of smaller and more agile landwalker that kinda looks like a Chicken McNugget with legs and nasty, big, pointy teeth things go south quick. Also the new Graboid mutation don't hunt by vibration, instead they use a heat sensor (much like Predator).

Nothing stands out as being particularly badass, but still it's just a fun movie. It would have been more fun with a bigger budget and Kevin Bacon still onboard, but you can't have everything. So instead let's just enjoy Gummer's big gun fetish and be thankful they made a sequel that didn't piss all over the original.

Part 1
Part 3
Part 4

Board used to break window.