Saturday, March 19, 2011


After his adventures down south, Burt Gummer heads back to his hometown of Perfection for a little peace and quite. But he doesn't get it cause on his very first day an Graboid attacks. But that's not the worst of it, cause now there's a third type of Graboid: the flying Butt Blasters who fly around powered by their own farts! Much like Mary Poppins...that umbrella was just a diversion.

TREMORS 3 is kinda weird as far as sequels go. Not only was it better than the second movie, but it had even more returning cast members from the original film than the second one did. Six as my counting goes (Yes, I'm counting the actor who played government agent who also played a road crew worker in the first film). That said, while it is a fun film, it's nothing groundbreaking and you can tell the budget was still very low. Example: the three government workers. Instead of showing them attacked and killed it just mentions two of them died and the third one walks up and falls over dead. That's kind of a rip off to the viewer. Still I'm willing to forgive all of that though, because it's an enjoyable watch with lots of action. I also really liked Chang's niece Jodi. She was funny without being obnoxious (like that doucher in Part 2) and really added to the story.

The storyline after this film is continued in the short-lived TV show, but I've never watched it since the DVD set was released in the wrong aspect ratio.

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