Sunday, May 27, 2012


Maybe I'm lame, but I thought this movie was pretty funny. Fred MacMurray's teenage son Wilby is a clumsy nerd who's always getting into trouble. His latest experiment: building a rocket in the basement got him into big trouble, (especially after it blasted off through the house and out the roof), but that's nothing compared to what happens when he accompanies his sexy new neighbor to the museum and an ancient ring falls into his pants and turns him into a dog! WTF? And if that isn't enough excitement for you Wilby's father hates dogs, Wilby gets to drive a hot rod while in dog form and he discovers that his neighbors are spies!

Released by Disney back in 1959 THE SHAGGY DOG is totally innocent, but that just adds to the charm of the film. The neighborhood is perfect and safe, the teenage girls aren't cruel, the teenage boys aren't vulgar, the parents are supportive, the cops aren't dim-witted bullies out to rape the dog to death then plant drugs on his's a complete fantasy! Seriously though I liked the film and I would watch it again. The entire cast was great (especially Tommy Kirk and Fred MacMurray...the anguished moan he made when he found out Wilby was a dog was classic!), the pace was fast, the story was so crazy I couldn't help but laugh, awesome 50's fashions. THE SHAGGY DOG is fun for the whole family, unless of course you have an asshole in your family.