Sunday, September 16, 2012


Pre-HUNGER GAMES Jennifer Lawrence plays Ree, a 17-year-old country girl born and raised. Her mother is pretty much a vegetable who just sits there staring the wall. So now Ree has to raise her two younger siblings by herself because her worthless father is a crankster who's on the run for cooking. To make matters even worse (yeah, even worse than having no money, no youth and growing up surrounded by a bunch of hillbillies who have the combined I.Q. of a out-of-date TV dinner) is her pa put their shitty house and the 100 acres surrounding it up for his bail! But even that's not even the worst part, the worst part is her dad was a snitch. The house and land didn't completely cover the bail, so some mysterious person anonymously put down cash for the rest of his bail. And who would do that? Why only the person that would want to kill him to shut him up. So now Ree has one week to prove to the bondsman that her father is dead or they're gonna be out on the street, well, more like out on the dirt road.

I liked this country noir.  Jennifer Lawrence was very impressive as was the entire cast. I did find myself thinking it's a shame Brad Renfro is gone, because he would have been perfect as one of the supporting characters. Great acting, authentic sets and county locations, good pace, depressing story, but I do wish it had been darker because even though you gotta guy getting his hands chopped off with a chainsaw WINTER'S BONE only touches the surface of the kind of fucked up shit that goes on out in those woods. Recommended.