Thursday, November 8, 2012


Aliens in gigantic spaceships land right smack dab in the middle of a Navy exercise off the coast of Hawaii and immediately put up a large force field that they can fire out of but nobody can fire into.  Stuff happens and only one ship, captained by a total fuck up, can save the day.

The main reason I watched BATTLESHIP is because it featured Tadanobu Asano, but despite the fact that he only had a minor role I still ended up walking away enjoying the film simply because it's so goddamn crazy.  Common sense, reality, intelligent story...all of that is thrown out the window in exchange for raw entertainment.  And it somehow works.  Funny opening scene, non-stop action, lens flare overdose, sound effects overdose, fat tits in a white t-shirt, pretty explosions, impressive special effects, cool looking aliens killing the fook out of humans, a chicken burrito, aliens that could totally kick our asses doing stupid shit, Liam Neeson, beautiful Hawaiian locations, rock montages and lots and lots of shooting and explosions.  Worth a rent.

I honestly thought this was a Michael Bay film, but looking at the credits I guess this is a Peter Berg joint instead.