Thursday, November 1, 2012

G MEN (1935)

Made 12 years before the excellent T-MEN (about undercover Treasury agents), G MEN is nothing but a propaganda piece for the FBI, made to counter all of the movies glorifying gangsters, but at least it's an entertaining propaganda piece.

Former "gutter rat" James Cagney is having a hard time as a lawyer.  The only clients who want his services are hoodlums, but he isn't interested.  Finally after one of his college buddies is shot in the back by the local mob, Cagney joins the Department of Justice.  His trainer is tough as nails, but he has a good heart and after some rough spots they finally become friends and even partners out in the field hunting down some bloodthirsty bank robbers...the very same thugs who shot his friend in the back.  Imagine that!

Nothing deep going on here, just a straightforward story about a young man with a strong sense of justice and the tenacity to get things done!
 Lloyd Nolan's film debut.

 Ward Bond in a lineless role as "Gunman at Train Station".

 David Brian in the 1949 tacked on intro scene.