Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Now this is more like it!  I double-featured THE PUBLIC ENEMY with WHITE HEAT and while I found TPE to be dated and not as hard hitting as I had hope, WHITE HEAT was awesome!  After an exciting train robbery, gangster James Cagney is on the run with his gang which includes a few tough guys, his two-timing wife and even his overbearing mother!  Stuff happens and Cagney ends up in prison doing a bullshit two-year stint to cover up for his real crime.  The pigs are onto his game and put undercover agent Edmond O'Brien inside to try and get the straight dope on Cagney.

There's much more to it than just that, of course, but you should just watch it for yourself.  Severe mother complex, murder left and right, prison fights, shoot outs, headaches, cheating wife, boiling hot steam to the face, robbery, classic vehicles, secret messages, car chases and one of the greatest freakout scenes in the history of classic Hollywood.

Even being as old as it is WHITE HEAT still packs quite a wallop.  Great movie.  Highly recommended.