Sunday, November 11, 2012


Word around the campfire is WRONG TURN 5 is even better than WRONG TURN 4!  Now that's a pretty big statement since we all know that Part 4 was "kinda awesome".  So were these imaginary campfire gossipers that I made up twenty seconds ago just for the sake of having an intro sentence correct?  No.  WRONG TURN 5 is okay.  It's better than Part 3 that's for sure, but it doesn't hold a candle to Part 4.  It does have a few brutal kills though.

Welcome to the Mountain Man Festival.  It's suppose to be a huge festival thing like Burning Man or something.  Five douchers are driving down a country road on there way to party when they suddenly see a hillbilly standing in the road.  They swerve to avoid him and end up hitting a tree.  A fight breaks out when suddenly the fuzz shows up and arrests everybody.  That's bad news bears cause the hillbilly just happens to be the father of the three psychos from Part 4 and now they're on their way to bust him out of jail RIO BRAVO-style.

Nice change of setting (country and/or secluded building to city) even though the city was clearly a sound stage, quick pace, violence, badly lit nudity, snow plow kills, leg torture, dismemberments, burned alive in a barrel, Pinhead without his makeup on, stupid decisions, forced to eat your own intestines, electrocution, eyeball removal, suicide.  If you're a horror fan it's worth a one time watch, but really that's it.

My biggest complaint, besides the weak script, is: no Jennifer Pudavick.  As awesome as Part 4 was in the violence and story departments the film overall was even more awesome because of her presence.  She carried the film and if the filmmakers were wise they would just bring her back in each film.  I know she died in Part 4, but she could have easily played the sheriff in this film and it would have benefited greatly.

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Part 2 - Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
Part 3 - Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
Part 4 - Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings
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