Sunday, December 23, 2012


Big time publisher Clark Gable is happily married to Myrna Loy.  She doesn't have a job or really appear to do anything, so when her "friends" start filling her ear about Gable's sexy secretary, Jean Harlow, she at first dismisses the rumors but then when Gable spends a lot of time working on a business deal (phuff!  "business deal.  business deal?!" whoever heard of a guy running a giant corporation spending time on a "business deal"?  Hardy-har-har!) she doesn't ask any questions and immediately moves out then files for a divorce.  At the same time Harlow's boyfriend, James Stewart, gets all butthurt over Harlow working long hours.

I wrongly thought this was suppose to be a screwball comedy, but instead it's a badly written story about an idle wife causing her husband a bunch of needless headaches.  I love Loy to death, but I didn't care for her character here at all.  If Clark's secretary had been a snaggle-toothed sea donkey she would've been just fine with it, but instead since Harlow is hot she just jumps to conclusions and wrecks havoc with people's lives.  That's not funny or entertaining at all.

Amazing cast that deserves much, much better than this D.O.A. script.  Not really worth watching, but with such an amazing cast I don't see how you can resist.  If you need me I'll be in my room watching THE AWFUL TRUTH.