Thursday, January 24, 2013


Simply-made, but effective documentary about the Mormon Church's deep involvement into the controversial Proposition 8 which was a California state constitutional amendment in the 2008 elections that provides that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."  The fact that a religious business, whoops, I mean, church should pour tens of millions of dollars into a hate bill isn't surprising, but what I did find truly shocking was the accusation that the Church tortures gay and/or suspected gay Mormon's with A CLOCKWORK ORANGE-style aversion therapy where they bind the victim to a chair, strap electroshock electrodes to various body parts (including the junk yard) and then shock the fuck out of them while forcing them to watch gay porn.  And in some cases frontal lobotomizes are performed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's some Tennessee Williams' kind of shit right there.

As far as a documentary goes 8 is an interesting watch and a good springboard into doing some more research on your own.  Besides the torture stuff I was really interested in the portion that talked about how the LDS Church would delve into how much a member family's income is versus their tithing record, then go to their house and tell them how much you should be able to the Prop 8 fund!  Wow.  If that is true, then holy shit.